10 Way to earn money by Using building terrace


Nowadays it has become very easy to find out about any business to earn money. And so are the many new businesses that we get to see nowadays. How is some business in this business that you can use by using your roof and earn millions of rupees? In this article, you will get to read what kind of business you can do on your roof.

1. Solar Plant
By putting solar plots on your roof, you can earn well by giving a connection of electricity to your home from the solar plant to your previous home and your surroundings. Because of this, you can plant the plant on your roof.

2. Mobile tower
Many telecom companies want to put their SIM network towers. That’s why you can make good use of the roof of your house by applying more to the telecom company. The mobile tower can be installed on the roof of the house. This gives you the company’s salary for the month. This salary is a contract basis.

3. Advertising Board
Many companies make a lot of attention towards marketing and advertising of their company, due to this, they make advertisement marketing boards for the company’s marketing. So you can put these advertising boards on your roof. In relation to this, you have to contact the company and instead, you get a monthly salary. So you can earn well by putting the company and advertising board on your roof in this way.

4. Beekeeping
You can start a bee-keeping business on your roof because the top roof of the house is considered to be a very good place to accommodate the bee. If your house is in a little outside area from the village then you will be even better. You can earn well in this business.

You are reading 10 Way to earn money by Using building terrace.

5. Green House
You can make a greenhouse in the top of your roof where you can cultivate flower cultivation or vegetable, fruit. Nowadays this business is becoming quite popular because people are earning it.

6. Pharmaceutical plant cultivation
You can also make a Plant Plant as a greenhouse. Because medicines require medicinal plants, people are making good money by making a Plant of Plants Plants.

7. Water Plant
Nowadays everybody pays attention to their health. Because of this everyone wants to drink pure water. So you can make water by making a water plant by putting an RO plant on the roof of your house, making water a jar, bottle or pouch. You can give water to the shopkeepers in front of the shopkeepers and at home. This business has great earning.

8. Horticulture
In today’s times, people are earning good by building flowers by planting flowers over the roof. You can cultivate flowers in the top of the roof, in which you can get good income.

9. Show Plant Nursery
You can also plant a plant nursery on the top of your roof, show and decorate the plants that you get good income.

10. Fruit cultivation
In today’s time, fruits are being made organic, due to which you can also cultivate fruits by using your roof. Like Grapes, Chiku can plant such fruit and make their income.


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