15 Best Profitable Business Ideas Under Rs 10 Lacs In India

15 Best Profitable Business Ideas Under Rs 10 Lacs In India
15 Best Profitable Business Ideas Under Rs 10 Lacs In India

Capital investment seems to be a business that has fewer capital investments and some such businesses that seem to have more capital investment. In this article today, we will know if you have a budget of ₹ 1000000 capital investment, then what best do you have? A profitable business can do.

1] Gadget Store

Investment: 800000
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

If seen now, then the internet is the edge and it is going to grow quite a lot. There will be only a few people who do not have a phone laptop or PC. Because of this, gadgets that are connected to it such as headphones, speakers, home theater systems, gaming gazette, VR systems, fitness trackers, camera etc.

And it stays in demand with all electronic devices. And people also like to buy them. People come looking for this shop The demand for gadgets is good, you can sell it offline by putting a shop and e-commerce portal website as well. And you can also create your own online store. In this way, you can extend this business.

Pro Tip: You can also start its servicing and repair center, which gives you more good benefits. In this, you can service plus like Home Delivery, Gifting Option etc.

2] Franchisee Stores

Investment: 6 to 8 lakh
Return of investment period: 6 to 8 months
There are many brands in the market today that are well established. You get the franchisees of such companies. The company you love. If that company has a franchise then you can open a franchise store with franchisee from that company. As you take the franchise, you already get pre-sold customer base data, franchisee gives continuing support and provides operational, training and managerial support from the pre-opening stage, which starts a proportional functioning store. ₹ With a budget of 100,000,000, you can easily open a brand of franchise stores.

Do a good research while opening a franchise store and take a good company’s franchisee You get many franchise options such as health care units, restaurants, boutiques, department stores, salons, day care centers, gaming zones, fitness centers, coaching centers, Vocational Training Institute, you can visit this website.

Pro Tip: Keep Careful While Investing Evaluate Basic Factors like Brand Reputation, franchisors Experience, For Your Own Ability Skills Business, Store Locations, Demand In Market, Future Prospects, competitors etc.

3] Cleaning Business

Investment: 2 to 5 lakh
ROI Period: 6 months

Cleaning which is an essential thing. Do not pay attention to the business. But with the right approach, this business is a very profitable business. You can earn well in this. This business has very good potential. You can also start with ₹ 200000 plus investment. You can start it with someplace at the beginning such as Cleaning of Homes, Commercial Complex, Water Tanks etc. Developed Mechanics for each process and train your personal well. You will always have some laboratory requirements for Special House House and Office, so if you perform well.

You can go to such a place, such as a hospital, temples, and shrines, apartment complexes, hotels, museums, galleries, educational institute etc.

4] Delivery service

Investment: 1 to 2 lakhs
ROI Period: 3 months

Whenever we think about delivery in the brain. So we think about food delivery. But it is not so many such delivery services that you can do. Such as giving food delivery to the restaurant, giving product delivery from supermarket, flower, gifts, dry cleaning etc. If seen in India, FedEx is a very popular delivery service company, which also provides logistics and also offers International Express delivery service at a large level.

In this business, you do not have to do some kind of manufacturing. You do not have to connect to the local store and you have to explain your delivery plan. In this way, you can start delivery service. It earns good money and you can take it to a bigger level.

In the beginning, you can start the delivery service with the City of Saas and later you can gradually increase from the same.

5] Holiday Planner

Investment: 3 to 5 lakh
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

People like to spend more time in their time travel nowadays, so the travel business is on booming. There is a lot of growth in the travel business. You can do this as a holiday planner. You have to do research. Make a plan and make a travel book for a customer. You can create standard plan tours for customers, good service and standard plan are required. You can start it from your home. You can start this business from just one internet and laptop or you can start work by making a good office of it. You can also take bulk bookings from the touring planning educational organization and office of the tour package, where you get a more profitable margin.

Pro Tip: You will have to get information about the Holiday Planning Industry and you can start giving services later, such as for Kids, Weekend Gateway, Family Holidays, Newly Wedding, for Students, Adventure and Exploration, Educational or Cultural Tour, religious excursions, for senior citizens etc.

6] Spa services

Investments: 8 to 10 lakhs
ROI Period: 10-15 months

Due to everyday life, many people are in stress because of this they see spa massage services for mentally and physical relaxation. This business is connected to the Natural Therapy Center.

Spa culture in India is on the rise. If you talk about common spa treatments, body treatment, facials, massage, aromatherapy, hair removal, hydrotherapy, manicures, and pedicures etc. Massage ranges from Ayurvedic with exotic massage to herbal and aromatic oils. This business Depends on your investment in which you have quality products and equipment as well as Personal Man Power Higher.

You can create simple brochures for marketing, and you can create a leaflet and send it to your business to the customer. Spa service is good and you can grow this business too.

7] Online stores

Investment: 1 to 3 lakh
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months of

Nowadays the internet has an edge and it is going to grow in front of this, due to this things have to be done on the internet and sell of cell phones have become commonplace. Because of that, if you make an online store of your physical or electronic or digital goods, you start a good business. You can sell lovely pieces of art, handmade gifts for various occasions, designer home decor items, clothes, jewelry, homemade cookies, chocolates, pickles, sauces. You can sell your product by registering on your e-commerce portal website with your online store.

8] Complete Home Maintenance Solutions

Investment: 2 lakh
ROI Period: 3 to 4 months

You can start from 200000 to start this business. Return of investment is available to you in three to four months. In this business, you can find indigenous house owners, apartment managers, apartments owner, complexes and small retail, commercial You can start the entire maintenance and repair service of all these outlets. While doing this business, you can recharge the annually from the client without any problem.

In this business, you can avail such services, such as electricians, plumber, cleaners, paste control, water purifiers maintenance, carpenter, mobile repair, computer laptop repair etc. In this Business Idea, your job is also on the phone. It can explain why the customer needs maintenance. You can start this business from your home with a phone computer internet. For this, you have the tools needed to handle vehicles and house calls, so much investment.

9] Dog Breeder

Investment: 10 lakh
ROI Period: 12 to 15 months
It’s the Best Business Idea, which nurtures your little dog, they have food for dogs, you can start the dog breeder’s business, it gets a very good profit. The quality of dog food you have to give. When you start this business, you can earn better by advertising it and marketing it by selling it online via Via Online portal.
In order to start this business, Rs 1000000 investment benefit will be available to you later on a day-to-day basis. You can also add a customer to a dog breeder who is a container of the show.

You can gradually increase your business if you go to the Pet Care Industry, you can also start the salon and day creches and vacation boarding for pets.

10] Fitness Center

Investment: 6 to 10 lakh
ROI Period: 8-12 month’s

Everybody wants to be fit and good health with your body. That’s why many people spend their time and money on a great, well-known fitness center. That’s why if you open a fitness center you get good profitable business in it. Return of investment is also good.

This is a one-time investment in the equipment used in the fitness center. Fitness center with cardio equipment for weightlifting, you start with good trainer and manager and get a good business. Whenever you open this, then search for a good property, targeted populations, local composition, market demand, and supply etc. Pay attention to this.

Printed flyers for advertising business, advertising or via the online route. In this, you can offer an Attractive offer and service, as well as add Diet Consultation and Yoga so that you can get more enrollment.

11] Music and Dance Classes

Investments: 3 to 6 million
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

This activity attracts almost all youngsters and adults. If you are a musician or dancer, you can open a music academy and dance academy with very small investment. You can open a small studio by buying space or renting where you can teach people.

And when your business starts running and you want to increase the business, then you can increase the faculty by hiring professional trainers. In this business, you can give classical Western as well as model forms such as dance, vocal, and music. This business is demanded in the market, due to this, this business gives you a great earning opportunity. You can reach your business through school, community center online and mouth publicity through students.

12] Growing Exotic Plants and Herbs

Investment: Two to four lakhs
ROI Period: 5 to 8 months

In the backyard of the garden, a huge bass, plant, concrete forests in the reception of the office add a very desired special nature of our daily life. If you enjoy more gardening then you will get more interest in this business. While doing this business you should take the knowledge of gardening. And by cultivating it you can earn good money. If you have this place in front of your house or in front of your house, then start the garden there and start your business by growing different flower plants, trees and herbs. Gradually, you can see flowers, cacti, bass, bonsai etc. By cultivating this kind of foreign plant, you can increase the business. You can not sell them as plants, but Indore can also send decor items to both home and Vani ji.
In this business, you can also organize vegetables and fruits in a systematic way, where you get very high prices because people prefer to eat fresh vegetables and organic more. If you do business like this, this business can give you very good earnings, for that you have to set up a garden and place the necessary middleware and tools.

13] Online advertisements

Investment: Two to four lakhs
ROI Period: 10 to 12 months

If seen today in India, then on the booming internet market. Because of this, the online advertising market whose revenue reaches 600 crores, with three to four percent of the total advertising market. The website can also earn from the space given for advertisements. In this business, you have to take a good understanding of good online advertising. On the Internet, you will need sharp analytical and networking skills. You can develop it by doing some courses and many such websites are available from the internet marketing institute from where you can get prepaid.

Online advertising is the need of every company, hence the demand for this business is very good and in the coming days, the internet is going to grow, which can increase your business.

14] Water purification unit

Investments: 4 to 6 million
ROI Period: 7 months

Water Purification Unit or a Good Business Is The purpose of this business is to give clean and potable water to the people. This business is quite a profitable business. Many people drink water or boil water to drink pure and good water. To start this business, you have to set up a water purification unit to give packaging and delivery products.

By sealing purified water in a large 20-liter can, you have to give at home, in the office, the organization, such as hospital, college, school, convention center. You can also make this business bigger.

15] Catering

Investment: 3 to 5 million
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

The celebration is done with food at almost every occasion in India. And every event is served with good food and wonderful service. Because of this, the catering business is a good business. You can start this in Rupees 3 to 5 lakhs. It has good earnings. You get married, event, party etc. You can order food for this kind of function and run your own catering business. The catering business has more income on the special wedding season. If you start on the catering business, you can also give it on rent. This business should have a passion for cooking. In this, you need manpower. Return of investment is good in this business.

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