20 Business ideas with no startup cost and high profit

20 Business ideas with no startup cost and high profit
20 Business ideas with no startup cost and high profit

This article will be very helpful for you if you want to start something upfront without any investment. To do any business, you have often heard that capital investment seems to be, but it is not so many businesses that you can start with zero investment in a basic concept too.

1] Recruitment firm

Recruitment firm is a very good business idea that you can start from your home. You only have phone connections and some contacts, you can start your own business on its base. In the recruitment firm business, you have to know which company, office, the organization they need manpower. And you have to catch those people who are looking for a job, in this way you can run your own recruitment firm’s business.

2] Online websites

You can start a small website with a Business Idea, this business gives you very good potential. And you can see how many millions of people are earning money from the website.

3] Freelancing

You can start the freelancer business at any time from anywhere. You do not need any money to start this business. There is no freelancing website to read job post by doing these a just open. And if you do this, then you can give them the job through the internet. In this way, you can earn well by starting a freelancing business.

4] Photographers

If you have good photography So you can start your Hobby as a business. Only you should have a good camera or you can take a camera on rent. In this way you can earn a good business from this, you have to give a professional photography service.

5] Personal Tutor or Trainer

If you have a good knowledge of a subject and you are a teaching teacher then you can start the business of giving education provider or personal coaching. This business idea is very good. You do not have any investment in this business and there is no recourse in this business. Because of this, your earnings are good. Education is a prime need of the student.

6] Interior Designers

Everyone likes to keep their home or office decorative, because of this you can start the business of providing interior design service. This is a very good business idea. In this business, you should have special skills and creativity that business coffee is successful and you can earn well from this business.

7] Matchmaking or Wedding Planner

Many people find wedding planners for marriage. In this, you have to make all the plans for the wedding. Match Making Wedding Planning Business A Very Good Business Idea This business can also start with a very small amount.

8] Real State Brokerage or Consultancy

You can start your own real estate brokerage or consultancy business with no money. In it, you have contacts with prospective Bayer and Seller. In this business, you can get your properties like Plot, Flat, House etc. If you want to buy and buy then you can start this business by selling your property and buying property by adding your commission in the middle.

9] Insurance Consultant

Nowadays, many people take advice from an agent or adviser to open insurance. And if you want to do part time business then you can start this business by becoming an insurance consultant or agent. The insurance advisor makes a good income.

10] Consulting Business

If you have expertise in a field, you can open its consulting firm by personal finance, branding, management, marketing or advertising. This business has a lot of good earnings and this is a great business idea.

11] Content Writing

If you like writing work or you are in writing then you can start the content writing work. In Content Writing, you can start the work of content writing by adding a company, website, blog, news, magazine, media with this kind of company.

12] Security Agency or Detective Agency

Nowadays, security and safety are a Major Concern if this is the reason everyone gets money for security and safety. That’s why you can open a company with one of your security agency Manpower, in which you can also offer a detractive agency service. It is a very good business idea and has good earnings.

13] Dance, Music or Drawing School

If you are good at dance or in music or in the drawing, then you can open a school like this in your own dance classes Music Classes Drawing Classes. And if you need practice, then you can upgrade your skills by doing this kind of course.

14] Career Counseling

Many millions of youngsters have conflicts with public Confucius. In this regard, you have a good business idea of career counseling. You have to research the career option and then the parent or you can give career counseling to any boy who is at the turn of his career.

15] Fitness for Yoga Teacher

If you are a professional in fitness or yoga, then you can earn well by coaching fitness and yoga. Because everyone pays attention to their health, so they do fitness and yoga. So in this, you get a great business idea in which you can earn good money.

16] Baby Sitting and Cooking Service

If you are a lover, you can start the business of Baby Seating or Cooking Service. You can start this business with no investment and you get good earnings in it. And if you live in Metro City you get more work.

17] Chocolate Maker

For Woman this is another business idea as you all know that chocolate food is preferred by all people in the world. If you learn to make different types of chocolates and start this business then this business has a lot of potentials. Earnings and you can take this business to a larger level.

18] Tiffin Service

If you are very good at King then you can start the Tiffin service business. In it, you have to serve the people of the test. Many people come to work in the city, they need tiffin and the boys who come to study, they also need tiffin. So this business has good potential and good business and this business idea are good. is.

19] Event Manager

Nowadays, many corporate and small-medium enterprises have their events and if they hire Event Manager for this event or offer service to the event manager, then you can start working as an event manager. In this, you have to do good coordination and multiple tasks in Same Time.

20] IT Support Service

If you are seen today, the IT service is on booming. If you have expert IS in IT field then you can start a business of IT, in which you can also provide IT support and service or training. This business is good enough, you can increase it at a bigger level.

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