Top 10 Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees

Top 10 Best Business to start with under 100000 lack Rupees
Top 10 Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees

If you are thinking that in order to start a business for one lakh rupees, there are many such businesses in the market that you can start well in one lakh rupees. Today, in this article, we know which business it is that you can get good earnings. In this article, we have told about some business model that you can be doing Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees.

1] Online store

Nowadays, the craze of online people has increased so much that people like to buy more things online so that you can start an online business. You can Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. to sell online products. Combined with such online e-commerce platform, you can sell products online and create a website of your own online store. Where you can earn well by selling online product sales on this website.

2] Social Media Assistance Service

Nowadays, if seen, social media has become a very important marketing campaign for large enterprises or small enterprises. To run many businesses and to increase their business earnings, people promote business by marketing on social media. That is why you can start the business of a social media assistant service where you get a good chance of earning.

3] Used Car Dealership

This is a good business in which you do not have much investment, you can start a good business with less investment. In this business, you have to find a car seller who wants to sell his car and sell his car to the customer. In this, you can add your commission. Or you can get a commission from whose car you are selling. In this you will have to make an office at a convenient location, you can start the business of Second Hand Car Purchase and Sale. You can get good earnings in this business. Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees.

4] Coaching centers

If you are good at any topic or in hobbies. So on this topic or at that moment, you can open a good institution. You feel less invested in it and if you want you can make a good and bigger institution along with more investment in it. Nowadays many boys and people like to take coaching from the private institute for jobs and careers. So you can start one of your institutes according to your profession. Earnings in them are very good.

5] E-Rickshaw Business (Tuk Tuk)

E-Rickshaw Business Really is a profitable business because many people use e-rickshaws to move from one place to another in the city and town. Because of this, this is a very good business and e-rickshaw comes to 100,000 or you can take it on rent even on the daily rental basis. Or you can also start the business of giving e-rickshaw to the rent. This business tire to Indian city has a very profitable business. Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees.

6] drives with OLA / UBER

Nowadays, who do not use Ola and Uber to see if transport is done. That is why you can start a business together with hail and so on. To do this business, you will have to buy 1-second hand car from one to two lakh rupees and you can earn well by giving Ola and Uber companies on rent. The process of adding the car to Ola and Uber is Easy and it is simple. This business can give you a lot of profits. Going further, you can earn more by taking your own car.

7] Moving & Packing Service

You can do the business of moving and parking service. Because everyone is relocating shirts of their home or things, so look for good packaging service. I can start the business with you with less investment, this business can also join the Third Party Provider Service.

In the beginning, you can take cartoons and packaging materials in small quantities and with a large transport vehicle. If you do not have a car for transport, you can start this business even after joining with a transportation service. And to do this business you can initially have a budget of up to 100,000 and you have to do some business registration and formulas. This business gives you a great opportunity to earn good money. And you can take it to a large level too.

8] Party Planning Service

You can do this business in a budget of up to 100,000. Because nowadays all people do some party and events, for which it gives party contract to the event provider of the service provider. And this business has a lot of good earnings.

Some Segment is:
Special occasions such as Wedding, Birthday
Showroom Opening and Product Launching
Finding the venues
Organizing Food, Entertainment & Décor
Selecting The Design Theme
Sending invitations
Welcome to the guest
Coordinating event schedule
Handling unforeseen situations
Evaluating the Success of the Event

While doing this business, you have to do a well-managed organization with complete details and research methods.

The investment in this business is mainly in trained manpower, uniform, building network of supplier and marketing, and office space on rent. For this, you have to take delivery of material van in bulk for material transportation.

In this business, you can charge fees according to your profession. You get good earnings in this business.

9] Beauty parlor

If you have a complete job of a beauty parlor, then with a small investment you can take a place on your own rent and train the man who is trained. You can open a nice beauty parlor with an excellent interior design. In it, you will have to buy a beauty product.

In Beauty Parlor, you can offer such services as spa, nails, waxing, tanning etc. And you can give this service to Man, Woman and Children or Combination.

In this, you can charge the price according to your service.

Some Segment is:
Regular Customer at the store
Kitty party
Bridal makeup
For Makeup for Birthday and Other Event

10] Men’s salon

Just like a beauty parlor, you can open a man salon for Menus. This business can be open to your ₹ 100000 budget, in which you will have to buy a shop. And if you work for a salon then it is a good thing or you have to learn. You can open one shop by buying two chairs and salon products in it. You can earn well in this business. This business is always a running business. Best Business to start with under 100000 lakh Rupees.

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