Top 10 Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees

Top 10 Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees
Top 10 Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees

If you are thinking about doing business in India, then it is good because there are good business and scope for business here. In this article, we know what business you can be doing Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees.

1] Stationery Store

Stationery Store is one of the largest business ideas in all the Ideas. Brake Eve Point is the business of this business in just 2 years. In it, you have to gradually develop the collection of stationery stores and by paying attention to the current trending items, you have to develop the Stationery Store, so that your earnings will be good. You get a good margin of 15 to 20% in this business. You do not have the losers in this business. Because all of the items in the stationery store are needed.

2] Seasonal Business

You can start the seasonal business on investment of 200,000 rupees. In the seasonal business, you will be able to celebrate festival related products such as kites, rakhi, crackers, gulal etc. at every festival. You can start the business of selling this type of product. It has good earnings. In this business, you get income for a couple of months but this income deducts your year’s income. If you want, you can start a seasonal product shop by placing the products of every festival. Profit of margins gets quite good in this. In this business, you only have to do Festival Related Banner Boarding Advertisement.

Pro Tips:
For example, in the seasonal business, like Diwali, you can buy dry fruit collection, suits, jewelry design, costume design for fourth, baking items for Christmas, you can do business in this way and your investment in it will be quick Only you get with profits.

3] Game parlor

If you love playing games then you can turn your hobby into a business. And one can open their own game parlor. I have more of the game parlor’s crazy teenager. And nowadays, Youth Internet also uses much more. To open a game parlor, you can get an investment of up to 200,000.

To open this business, you will need to find a small space and according to the budget, you will have to buy a PC. Whether you can buy a second-hand PC and you can The game machine must be purchased. You will also have to market research which youth you are playing in the trending game.

Pro Tips:
PCs have to have good connectivity with each other. There should be no problem at all while playing the game. You can also keep an in-house contest to increase the business. And social media marketing too.

4] Custom Gift Making

Everyone is engaged in life, which is an important date, memorable moments, joyous occasion etc. In this way, you can create gift items in the range of many Individual Ideas such as Chain, Photo Frame, Group Gifts, Commemorative Gifts. To start this business, you need a budget of up to 200,000 and you have to buy tools and materials to buy gift items. You have to take information or training to make gift items. In this way, you can start this business and earn good money in it. Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees.

5] Food trucks

Nowadays, if the food truck is seen, it is becoming quite popular in the restaurant business. Many young businesses minded people start a restaurant business in low investment, so food trucks start the business. Whatever food items you can do in the food truck, such as Biryani, Chinese, non-veg food, Momos, South Indian dish etc. You get good earnings in this business and your investment also gets a quick return.

6] Housekeeping and Cleaning Service

You can start a housekeeping and cleaning service business in the budget of up to 200,000. Because not everyone has enough time, so their corporate office or house is dirty, for which people need housekeeping and cleaning services. To start this business, you need housekeeping and cleaning service equipment and 2 to 3 manpower. You get good earnings in this business. And you can take this business to a larger level later.

7] Baby Seating Day Care

You can start a Baby Seating Day Care business by up to 200,000 rupees. Nowadays, in the grace-filled life, due to lack of time, people do not get the time to give time to their children, so the parents send the child to the Babysitting Day Care Center. Because of this, this business works well, in which your earnings are good. So you can do this business too. Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees.

8] Courier Shop

If you have knowledge of courier service then you can start your own courier service. Or ₹ 200000, you can start the business of courier shop by taking franchisees of a well-repaired courier service company, you will have to take on commercial space rent and buy some essential office items such as furniture, computer etc.

9] Toyshops

You can open a good toy shop in ₹ 200000 investment. The toy shop is in the demand market, in which you earn a lot of money. Toy likes to buy baby. You can start the business of your toy shop on such a connivent location where it meets the children’s crowd where you get 30 to 40 percent of the marching in it.

10] Medical stores

If you have a degree or diploma in D form or B form then you get a license to start medical. If you take this license then you can open your own medical store. There is a lot of margin in this business. And this business is in good demand. Because people are sick only. Note that your medical store is in the middle of a hospital. Best Business to start with under 200000 lakh Rupees.

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